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Frequently Asked Questions About a peace. love. swap. Event


What are poor swapping habits to avoid?

Please see the note titled, “Poor Swapping Habits to Avoid!”  We are serious about making our swap enjoyable and beneficial to all our swappers!  Folks who abuse the system will be banned from our swaps. 


What if I paid online and now won’t be able to come – can I get a refund?  

Unfortunately, no. We can’t offer refunds.  You may give your ticket to a friend, if desired.  If an emergency arises, contact your Local Swap Organizer about a possible credit.


What does the admission fee include?

The admission gets in one swapper and one person to watch your kiddos if needed (ie: mom and dad). If you can’t afford to pay the admission –We always need volunteers.  Contact your Local Swap Organizer for more information on volunteering.


What should I bring?/ What should I not bring?

Do bring CLEAN, freshly laundered, gently used items for babies and kids ages 0-14, and maternity items.

PLEASE make sure your items are things that YOU would want to take home –Clothes, shoes, books, movies, toys, baby stuff, walkers, bouncers, highchairs, port-a-cribs. Email me if you have any questions!

We can’t stress to you enough how important it is that you WASH your items before you bring it!  DO NOT bring clothes with holes or bad stains, don’t bring games that don’t work or toys that are broken..in other words…. don’t bring your junk – it will not be accepted.  See a more detailed list here:


Do you accept recalled items?

We don’t want recalled items however, we have no way of knowing if an item is recalled as it’s dropped off and don’t have the manpower/time to check everything.  Please don’t bring things if they are out of date/expired/recalled.  You can check here: http://www.recalls.gov/ .

Also, if you get something at the swap – check it when you get home if you think it might be out of date (ie carseats/ bouncy seats..)  It is up to you to check if an item has been recalled –  Again, please check this website: http://www.recalls.gov/.


If I bring 10 things can I only take 10 things?  How much can I take?

No, it doesn’t work that way.    Everyone is to use their best judgment.

If you bring 2 things don’t take 8 bags of stuff home with you!  If your kid is 2 years old don’t take size 4 stuff just because it’s “cute” or a brand name you like.  Don’t hoard stuff- it WON’T be tolerated. (PLEASE READ POOR SWAPPING HABITS TO AVOID.)

Only take what you need. Bring it back when you are done. Remember, our swaps go on all time, you can get more at the next swap. Don’t take things for other people; this is meant to benefit the children in your household only.

The bottom line is we really want this to be about the community, about moms getting together and trading items of like value with other moms.  We truly believe that between all of us, we have enough stuff to go around.  We just need a place to meet and exchange! This being said, every once in awhile there is that one bad apple in the bunch – we are watching!  There is really no room in this organization for hoarding, taking stuff that you don’t need and/or “aggressive” shopping/swapping – and if we encounter any of this behavior we will ask you to leave and post the behavior on our Facebook page as a swapping ‘Don’t’.


What’s the benefit to volunteering?

The main benefit is that you will get free admission to the swap and get to preview items that are coming in.   Some swaps might have different shifts – so you are only being asked to help for a short time. Also, there is usually only one Local Swap Organizer producing these events – and they do it to help their community!  We need some dedicated, responsible volunteers that have the same vision as we do.


If I volunteer, can I take stuff while I am sorting?

No.  This is not fair practice.  However, volunteers DO get FREE admission and a sneak peek at the swap room.


I am interested in volunteering, do I just show up?

No, you connect with your Local Swap Organizer first and let them know you want to volunteer.


Can I bring my kids while I volunteer?

It’s hard to work while you have your kiddos.  Our swaps are usually held in kid-friendly venues.  You may want to bring along your spouse/mom/friend to be extra hands with your kids while you are working your shift.


I can’t make it during the time of the swap – can I come early to get stuff?

Unfortunately, no. It’s not fair to the other moms waiting.


I don’t have anything to swap, can I come?

If you are an expecting ( We mean obviously showing 6+months )  or a brand spanking new first time mom you are welcome to come even if you don’t have anything to exchange (you obviously wouldn’t yet… but you will!)

You pre-pay the $5 (or $7 at the door), and there is usually plenty of newborn stuff to go around. Priority entrance is given to families that bring stuff to swap.  However, you are still welcome to come at the end of the line and “shop” and take home what you need – as long as you pay the admission, and are willing to go through the room in the last small group.